Our Story

Two Industry Leaders.One Common Goal.

In 2015, two of the nation’s leading names in gas supply and safety – Gastec and Utilities Construction – joined forces to create Southern Gas Joint Venture.

This historic merger brought together the assets and expertise of Gastec, a leading gas detection and monitoring specialist launched in 1978, and Utilities Construction, experts in infrastructure and building works, established in 2004.

The result was a company experienced in the full spectrum of gas delivery, from planning and pre-construction through to follow-up service and beyond.

Partners Allan and Mark White and Andrew Wythe are committed to developing bold new standards in industry safety, and delivering world class service in all facets of domestic and commercial gas supply from its head office in Adelaide.

Our PeopleIts our people that make us great

Mark White
Alan White

Mark White

Managing Director of Gastec Pty Ltd since 2004, Mark White has grown his company into one of Australia’s leading gas infrastructure contractors.  His ‘hands on experience’ in the Gas, Electrical and Telecommunications industries and knowledge of industry requirements have been instrumental in him creating a successful and sustainable business model around three key structures – OHS&E, recruitment and ongoing strategic alliances.

Andrew Wythe

Prior to establishing Utilities Constructions in 2004, Andrew Wythe spent nearly two decades working with Australia’s leading Mining and Engineering companies, primarily in design, construction and project management.  This experience exposed Andrew to the importance of environmental safety and quality project delivery systems.  His renowned ability to develop strategic partnerships within the infrastructure industry is central to the enduring success of SGJV.

Alan White

Gastec founder Alan White has over 50 years’ experience in the Gas Industry.  Considered a resource industry pioneer, Alan’s vast expertise encompasses negotiating, acquiring and operating major mineral projects as well as developing Greenfield sites, capital raising and mining.  Companies that have benefited from Alan’s knowledge include BHP, Bullion Minerals, SA Water, Telstra Australia, Origin Energy and ETSA.

In launching Southern Gas Joint Venture, we did what many new businesses do – we created a new name, a new logo, a new culture and outfitted new offices. One thing however stayed very much the same.

Our people.

We have always employed Adelaide’s leading engineers, planners, tradies and subbies. We did before the merger, and we still do today. Some of Gastec’s loyal staff have 30 years’ experience with the company. Their remarkable knowledge and insight has proven invaluable as our business has expanded, and their influence will continue as we recruit the next wave of SGJV apprentices and future leaders. Here are some faces from the SGJV family.

SafetySome of our best work happens above ground

With a combined 60 years’ experience in gas supply and safety, Southern Gas Joint Venture knows a thing or two about gas.

Most importantly, we know that working with a complex and volatile product like natural gas requires meticulous planning. So we will not commence any work before we are satisfied that our exhaustive safety planning is complete.

Southern Gas Joint Venture is committed to happier customers and safer working conditions.

Highest Safety Standards

Southern Gas Joint Venture strives to be a benchmark in Safety and Hazard Reporting, safe work practises and safety planning.
We are continually investing in our human and equipment resources to ensure that all Southern Gas Joint Venture projects boast the highest safety standards, reduced downtime and community complaints and smoother, more cost-effective outcomes for our partners.

Safety/Hazard Reporting

We pride ourselves on our Safety Hazard Reporting Program and vigoursly pursue the upfront hazard identification process.
In addition to making our people more accountable, it ensures greater efficiency, reduced wastage and an improved customer experience.
And we are confident in our processes and abilities, welcoming any industry audit of any SGJV works any time.


Our commitment to safety is anything but lip service. Southern Gas Joint Venture is passionate about delivering the best outcomes for its partners, the communities in which we work and indeed our own people.
Such outcomes require exhaustive upfront planning. That’s why we won’t start moving any earth until we’ve finalised every last detail.

Our History25 years underground